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A personal analysis of your features to find your most harmonious colour palette

The Colour Analysis is an amazing tool in your style journey to find what colours best harmonize with your own features. And it’s done virtually! 

Knowing your colour season and what colours work best for you will allow you to create the most harmonious look, will help you glow and will elevate your personal style.


Have you ever wondered why some colours look absolutely amazing on you, while others wash you out? Maybe even with extra makeup and concealer you just can’t get those bags under your eyes to fade away. It’s because the colours you’re wearing are washing you out and are creating more shadowing on your face. 


Maybe you have an outfit that no matter what, people compliment you on every time you wear it. Or you put something on in the morning and you feel amazing and like you’re glowing. That’s because you’re wearing your colours.  


Knowing your colour season and what colours work best for you will take your STYLE, IMAGE and PERSONAL BRAND to a whole new level.  



  • Know what colours harmonize best with your features
  • Glow in your own skin
  • Save time and money by confidently knowing what you’re shopping for 
  • Have confidence in what you wear and what you feel best in
  • Know what makeup highlights your features best
  • Know what jewelry to wear to accent your look
  • Elevate your personal style
  • Have a foundational skill in your style journey


The amazing thing about the Colour Analysis is that it’s done virtually!

You send in the requested photos, and then receive your analysis back in a personalized PDF that’ll be lifetime information for you to use on your style journey.


  • You purchase the service
  • You’ll receive an email with detailed instructions as to what photos to submit for your analysis
  • Submit the requested photos within 7 days 
  • Within 10-15 business days from submission you’ll receive your 25+ page custom Colour Analysis PDF Package
  • You’ll have lifetime value of this personalized style tool

Within the 25+ page personalized package you’ll get details on how I’ve done the analysis as well as style, makeup and accessories advice as to how to use the new information with your colour season. 


The digital package includes:

  • How I arrived at your Palette
  • Your home colour season 
  • The season’s palette with colour swatches
  • Tips on how to incorporate your seasons colours into your style
  • Your best neutrals
  • Wardrobe basics in your neutrals
  • Your best metallics 
  • Makeup suggestions for your home season

The colour analysis is amazing information to use for your lifetime. Knowing your colours helps you look the most radiant and glowing in your own skin, boosts your confidence in what you’re wearing, helps you save money and time shopping for clothes, and elevates your style and personal image.  



This is an incredible tool to have on your style journey, and I can’t wait to analyze your features and help you find your most harmonious colour season!   


 Analyses must be used within 2 weeks of purchasing.