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Take your personal style to the NEXT LEVEL in 60 days

Starting from creating your style vision and taking you all the way to the fully functioning wardrobe of your dreams, all while having the support of your own personal stylist along the way.  



If you’ve been dreaming about taking your style to the level you’re currently taking your life or business, this is the time to ELEVATE. 

This style experience includes all of my services, and you have access to me for 60 days for all of your style questions, feedback and support. 



You know you are ready to step into the next level of your life and style. To become the next version of yourself. You may already be stepping into that next level in your business and in your life, and now you’re ready to match your wardrobe and the way you dress and express yourself to the version of you you are becoming.


Imagine having a personal style that shows the world who you really are? Imagine having a wardrobe that feels like the YOU you want the world to see and know?  


Can you feel the freedom in this? It’s all possible for you, and I am here to help and fully support you on this part of your journey. 



  • Having a solid foundation and be creating of the wardrobe of your dreams
  • Having confidence in what you wear
  • Having a clear personal style and style vision
  • Knowing what your personal style is
  • Knowing what you desire to wear
  • Having all of the knowledge and style tools to make your clothing work for you
  • Having a fully functioning wardrobe 

This is what our work together will offer you and your style

  • Clarity
  • Full self expression
  • Ease in your time and your day 


  • Vision, dream and create your next-level Style Vision
  • Personalized assessments, feedback and breakdowns of Body Type, Style Personality & The Colour Analysis
  • Current wardrobe edit to find what works, what you love, and what you can let go 
  • Fill holes in your wardrobe with on-line or in-person shopping
  • Create the fully functional wardrobe of your next-level style vision
  • Create ease and flow in getting ready


  • Style Survey & photo submission
  • Style Vision Call   1 Hour
  • Style Mood Board
  • Personalized Packages
    • Style Personality Type      
    • The Body Type     
    • The Colour Analysis      
  • Style Personality, Body Type & Colour Analysis Call   1 Hour
  • Functional Wardrobe Guide & Checklist
  • The Wardrobe Edit Session   3 Hours
  • Personalized Shopping Session   3 Hours
  • Outfit Creation & Digital Wardrobe: 60-80 Outfits
  • Final Style Session Call   1 Hour
  • 60 Day Voxer Support 



Style Survey & Photo Submission  
  •  When we start off we’ll look and see where you currently are at in your style journey, having you fill out a Style Survey to get some more information. Here you will also submit a series of photos for The Colour Analysis as well as The Body Type Assessment. 
Style Vision Call  
  • On the style vision and consult call we’ll get to know where you’re currently at on your style journey, go over the Style Survey, talk about your style desires and start creating your Style Vision together. We’ll talk about what the whole process of Elevate will be, and get to know each other. 
Style Mood Board  
  • After the Vision Call I will deliver you a personalized Style Mood Board that we will reference throughout Elevate 
Personalized Packages
  • You will receive 3 personalized PDF packages including Style Personality Types, Body Types and a full Colour Analysis 
Style Personality, Body Type & Colour Analysis Call    
  • We will have a 1 hour call to go over all of the information from the Style Personalities, Body Type and Colour Analysis information. I’ll explain more about each, and you can ask any questions you have about this information. 
Functional Wardrobe Guide & Checklists
  •  You will receive my Functional Wardrobe Guide with how a fully functional wardrobe works, what the different categories are, and checklists of items.
The Wardrobe Edit Session 
  • In the wardrobe session we will spend 3 hours editing your closet. 
  • This is all done over Zoom, and if you are local we can do this in person. 
  • We will go through your wardrobe and look at your clothing to see what works, fits and you love, and what should be taken out. We will also look at your shoes and accessories.
Personalized Shopping Session 
  • Now that we know what you have and love, what works for you, and what you desire to add to your wardrobe, we’ll shop for additional wardrobe pieces
  • Personalized shopping includes some shopping pre-work so we know what we’re looking for, and then 3 hours of online or in-person shopping 
  • If done online I will create a personalized package of items to shop for with clickable shopping links. You also have access to me in Voxer and can ‘take me shopping with you’ and video/text chat with me for shopping feedback. 
  • If done in-person we will do 3 hours of shopping, with pre-shopping prep done beforehand. 
  • You have access to me on Voxer for the duration of Elevate, so you can message me when you’re shopping or when online orders come in for feedback. 
Outfit Creation & Digital Wardrobe
  • Full closet upload and documentation of wardrobe items, with 60-80 outfits created for you to reference. Once we have all of your wardrobe pieces, we will upload them and I will create a personalized library of your wardrobe pieces and mix and match them into outfits to fit your lifestyle needs. 
  • Think of this as your own ‘Clueless Closet’!! All wardrobe items documented to mix and match and create endless versatility in your wardrobe! 
Final Style Session Call 
  • We will have a final 1 hour call to go over everything that we have created together in your VIP personal styling experience. We can go over all of the style tools, talk about how to best use your functional wardrobe, all of my styling tips, get any feedback you may need and ask any questions you may have. 
60 Days of Voxer Support 
  • During your time with me you’ll have M-F (9-5) access to me inside of the messaging app Voxer. You can video, voice memo or text me for questions, feedback and guidance throughout our time together.  

This is for the woman who is ready to take herself to the next level. Who is ready to show up as the version of herself who she has always desired to be. This is for the woman who is ready to shed old layers to make room to step into the next level.  


By the end of this experience you’ll have a fully functioning wardrobe and all of the foundational style knowledge so that you can show up confidently as the woman you’ve always desired to be. 


Are you ready to up-level your life and style? To become the next version of you?

ELEVATE: The VIP Personal Styling Experience




Reg Price: $1,299

See you inside!



This offer is 8 weeks of working together, starting in March and ending in May, with a 3 week break in April.

After you purchase the service I will email you with information on how we’ll get started.

My availability is M-F between 9-5. 

This service must be used within 30 days of purchase.