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A closet clean-out to edit what you have, create organization and understand the foundations of your wardrobe.

We will clean and edit your closet, and work on creating a functional wardrobe of clothing pieces that work together for your life and needs. 


    The goal is to create an organized closet of clothing that you feel confident and amazing in. After you will actually know what’s in your closet and be able to get dressed with ease and clarity. 




  • The Functional Wardrobe Guide: understand the categories and functions of your wardrobe pieces
  • 3 Hour Clean & Sort Session on Zoom or in-person (London, ON)
  • Edit what fits, what you love, what you want to keep and clear out the rest
  • Generally organize the closet and talk about how to get the best function out of it
  • Advice while editing: organizing, wardrobe categories, lifestyle needs, holes in your wardrobe etc
  • Follow up PDF including wardrobe checklist and organization tips

Are you overwhelmed or frustrated with your closet? Unsure of what all is even in there or what fits your current body or even your current lifestyle?  


Did you know that we only wear 20% of the clothes in our closets? That 80% of what's in there is taking up room, causing stress and decision fatigue.  


We can work on this together

to create clarity and ease in your wardrobe.   



  • Have clarity & ease in your wardrobe 
  • Have an clean & organized closet 
  • Eliminate wardrobe fatigue 
  • Have a closet full of pieces that actually work for you, fit and you love
  • Understand what the categories are in your wardrobe and why you have them 

Ready to get your wardrobe working for you?

To clear out both your closet and your mind? 


Let’s get started with your Wardrobe Edit and create this clarity and ease in your closet together!



After you purchase the service I will email you with dates to schedule the Wardrobe Edit.
My availability is M-F between 9-5. 
This service must be used within 30 days of purchase.